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Full Service Property Management

We are a full service property management company. As an owner all you need to do is give us an availability date and the premise keys. We are happy to tailor our services to your needs and we will utilize the methods of communication that work best for you. We will keep you in the loop and allow you to exercise the amount of control and input you desire.

The Process
Our experienced team will evaluate your property for pricing, offer recommendations to get you the highest possible rental price, review liability concerns, coordinate all marketing and showings, handle all lease negotiations, manage monthly rental collections, supervise contractors, handle payment of property related bills and prepare itemized transaction summary reports on a regular basis.

MontagnaProperties handles the problems so you don't have to.
We do everything possible to avoid problem tenants so evictions are uncommon. However, sometimes an eviction is necessary. MontagnaProperties will help you deal with the whole process, from providing the required eviction notices, to filing court documents and working with the local sheriff's office./p>