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Maintenance Issues & Requests

MontagnaProperties handles the problems so you don't have to.

We want to hear about any concerns you may have regarding the property you are renting. You may Click here to fill out a maintenance request at the Owner Portal, e-mail us or call us at 408-354-2465.

If your request is urgent please call us immediately at (408) 354-2465. For fire, natural disasters or gas issues or if this is an emergency please dial 911 before contacting us.

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Tenant Rights

Tenants often suffer because they are not aware of their rights. Below is a link to the California Tenant Handbook and we are available to answer any tenant's rights questions that you may have.

MontagnaProperties, Inc. strongly believes in equal housing opportunity and does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law.

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Move-in Procedures

  • Deposit check and first month’s rent are due prior to move in. Two separate cashier's checks should be made out to MontagnaProperties, Inc.
  • Set up utilities - We can provide you with a utility contact sheet and it is your responsibility to set up utilities in your name as soon as possible in order to insure an uninterrupted transition in service.
  • Arrange for renter’s insurance - Renter's insurance is very inexpensive and is a huge benefit to you as a tenant. Let us know if you would like us to recommend someone to help you set up your insurance. We do require that all of our tenants carry renter's insurance and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Walk through - On move in day your account manager will walk through the property with you and take pictures and notes regarding the condition of the property. Doing a thorough move-in walk through with digital pictures is beneficial to you and the landlord/owner. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the property and to point out any existing conditions that you wish to document at the time of move-in. You will be emailed a copy of the information for your records.
  • Contact numbers - We encourage our tenants to call or email us anytime and we will make sure that you have all of our contact info.
  • Keys and remotes - The place is yours ... Enjoy!

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Move-out Checklist

  • Providing notice - Most term leases become month-to-month at the end of the specified term. If your current lease is on a month-to-month basis you should provide notice to MontagnaProperties stating your intent to move. Notice must be provided at least 30 days in advance. You can create your own written notice or you may use the form provided here: Intent to Vacate. Please call or email us if you are unsure about when your lease term ends or if would like more info regarding how to provide your move-out notice.
  • Your Right to a Preliminary inspection - You have the legal right to request an initial inspection of your unit within two weeks before your move-out date. The purpose of this inspection is to review the condition of the property and allow you an opportunity to correct any deficiencies in the unit in order for you to receive the maximum amount back from your security deposit.
  • Your new address - Please make sure to provide your new address to MontagnaProperties, Inc. as soon as possible. This will allow us to return your security deposit within a timely manner.
  • Keys and remotes - Upon vacating the property, you will need to return all keys and any remotes. Keys and remotes can be left on the kitchen counter our mailed to our office.
  • Return of your deposit - MontagnaProperties will send you an itemized deposition of your security deposit and return the appropriate amount to you within 21 days of your move-out date. Your security deposit will be mailed to you, so it is important that you provide us with your new address. Security deposits will not be available for pick up.

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